Worrying About Your Student?

If you are worried about the performance of your student then you can refer such students to this which can remedy their shortfalls. By your referrals you can enhance the performance of your students.


Dont Worry ONLINETESTINDIA Here to Help you

The Online test india is remedying the shortcomings of the students and enhance their performance by giving them more mock and practice tests.


Refer Your Students About ONLINETESTINDIA

You can refer your students to this websites in order to enhance their learning experience. You can schedule the examination and teachers can provide them the link where the test are posted. This will make the mock tests in the classes easier


Get Your Rewards

For every referral the teachers are rewarded. Such rewards are accrued and are given at the demand of the referrer.



Strong Focus

A Strong focus is given to the core areas. Requisite attention is given to the academic tests and competitive exam point of view. Thus understanding and scoring in the core areas can be ensured

Task Oriented

Our Online Practicing software is task oriented. So it can be either aggregated or separated according to the various needs of the students. The separate task is given for the various chapters in the subjects.

Self Evaluation

Online Test India makes the evaluation process easier. Through this the assessment is made easier. The shortcomings can be self analyzed and necessary steps can be taken to lessen the damages done.

Fresh Curriculum

The Curriculum is changed according to the changing times and are up to date. The curriculum / syllabus is designed according to the varying needs of the diverse requirement demands. The focus is given to both academic test learning and competitive entrance exam needs of the professional careers..

Learning Exposure

The Exposure of the student to various such test decrease their anxieties in the examination through which their mistakes can be reduced. The Online test is an exact replica of their actual exam thus it exposes the students flaws and their strengths. Which area needs focus can be pondered over and can be improved.

Detailed Test Analysis

The Detailed test results can be analyzed with the evaluation. The various parameters which measure the academic proficiency of the students are made available. Through such tools the detailed analysis can be done and requisite action can be took.

Convinent Practice

The Practice can be taken from your home. At the convenient time after completing the portions. The Practice is designed according to make the user to feel the ease and no pressure is given on them.

Live Comparision

The test results can be widely compared within the same class, schools, zones, regions etc. Thus the pulse of others preparation can show our own standing and how much we should work towards our goal.

Performance Graph

The Performance graph shows ascend or descend of the child's performance. The ascend characterized by a raisinggraph and the fall is characterized by the falling graph. They are tools of easier deductions.

Student Focussed

The design of the online test india focuses on the student. It is better designed to give a nice experience to the students.

10000s of Questions

There are 100000's of question from the curriculum which covers the length and breadth of the syllabus. Every possible questions are asked. Thus answering them will make the student more proficient.


The online test practice software can be accessed from anywhere and through any means. The software is designed responsive so that they work perfectly on a wide range of devices.


It can accessed 24/7 and 365 days a years and the service is provided round the clock.

Time Management

Built by experienced faculty, it is a time bound course