Biology - Animal Tissues

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Question - 1

Certain tissues in the body, like muscle, are more active than others. Which organelles are expected to be more numerous in cells of such tissues?

  • A Nuclei
  • B Centrioles
  • C Lysosomes
  • D Mitochondria

Question - 2

Rigidity that develops in the muscles after death is known as rigor mortis. On an average, it starts second hour after death and is completed in three hours. It appears first on

  • A face
  • B lower jaw
  • C neck and throat
  • D abdomen

Question - 3

The oil substance secreted by the ceruminous gland in the ear is called

  • A ear wax
  • B cerumen
  • C oil
  • D mucin

Question - 4

A common character of tendon and ligament is that both are made up of

  • A striated muscles
  • B connective tissue
  • C smooth muscles
  • D Both (a) and (c)

Question - 5

Which of the following is a false statement?

  • A Compound squamous epithelium lies in the pancreatic duct of human
  • B Stratified epithelial lining is found in intestine
  • C The plasma membrane of intestinal cells are modified into microvilli
  • D Both (a) and (b)

Question - 6

Which of the following cells does not divide once but only differentiate?

  • A Interstitial cells
  • B Nerve cells
  • C Blood cells
  • D Glial cells

Question - 7

Nodes of Ranvier are found in

  • A cardiac muscle fibre
  • B striated muscle fibre
  • C medullated nerve fibre
  • D non-medullated nerve fibre

Question - 8

The function of microvilli is

  • A extensive movement of substances over cell surfaces
  • B increase in surface area for absorption
  • C cellular movement
  • D specialised uptake of macromolecules

Question - 9

Extracellular basement membrane is the peculiarity of

  • A nervous tissue
  • B vascular tissue
  • C epithelial tissue
  • D connective tissue

Question - 10

An epithelium with water proofing qualities is

  • A stratified cuboidal
  • B stratified columnar
  • C Stratified squamous
  • D transitional epithelium