General English - Literature - Dr.Kari Paulnack ( Music - The Hope Raiser )

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Question - 1

Karl Paulnack was hailed by the Boston Globe as a____ of a pianist

  • A Firecracker
  • B Master
  • C Swashbuckling
  • D Man

Question - 2

Karl Paulnack has partnered vocal and instrumental soloist, Chamber groups, orchestras, conductors and opera companies in nearly a thousand concerts throughout North America, Bulgaria, Estonia, Macedonia, Norway, France, Russia and ___

  • A Rwanda
  • B Romania
  • C Italy
  • D China

Question - 3

Karl PAulnack has appeared in concert at Alice Tully, CAMI, Carnegie, Merkin and Weil recital halls and also at Tangle wood's Ozawa Hall, the Library of Congress and the

  • A Library of Vienna
  • B Bollywood Bowl
  • C Hollywood Bowl
  • D Washington Hall

Question - 4

Paulnack's regular recital partner Jorja Fleezanis is

  • A Dramatist
  • B Politician
  • C Cinema Producer
  • D Violinist

Question - 5

John Adams and Elliott Carter are

  • A Composing
  • B Teaching
  • C Engineering
  • D All the above

Question - 6

In which public radio program Karl Paulnack appeared as a featured guest?

  • A Minnesota Private Radio
  • B BBC Television
  • C CNN Television
  • D New York Radio

Question - 7

Early in his career, Paulnack served as ___ to conductors like Sir Charles Groves and Kurt Masur

  • A Main Pianist
  • B Drama Artist
  • C Rehearsal Pianist
  • D Rehearsal Artist

Question - 8

At the Los Angeles opera Theatre he was assistant cover conductor of his mentor

  • A Henry Ruskin
  • B Henry Ford
  • C James Henry
  • D Henry Holt

Question - 9

What is the abbreviation of "USC"?

  • A University of Southern California
  • B University of South California
  • C University of South Colorado
  • D University of Southern Colorado

Question - 10

Where he was a member of the team responsible for the historic 50th anniversary performance of Peter Grimes?

  • A Hollywood music centre
  • B Music Academy of Boston
  • C Music centre of Denver
  • D Tanglewood music centre